Sunday, June 13, 2010

After about a year coding for KDE's Oxygen widget style and window decoration, and because KDE SC 4.5 is around the corner (first two beta versions are already out), I finally decided to start a blog to:

  • advertise new features
  • gather comments
  • get feedback
This is not about oxygen icons (icons are Nuno's realm), this is about how widgets and window decorations look like, how they animate, and how to make it all look better.


  1. You rock, :) welcome to the kde planet:)

  2. Wohooo, yes, finally :P. You're awesome, dude!

    That's enough of the nice words. Comment sections in blogs are all about complaining! Welcome to the dark side of the web.

    So let's start: Please pleaaaaaase make the buttons more beautiful!

  3. I can't help but notice that you two have blog URL's as &,
    and blog titles as "KDE Pinheiro" & "KDE Hugo"!


  4. @Aditya: yeah. That's because I'm Pinheiro's geek clone (or Pinheiro's my artistic clone. Not sure which way around)