Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oxygen-gtk3 1.0 is out

The first release of KDE's Oxygen widget theme, ported to GTK 3.X applications, has been uploaded to kde ftp servers on Tuesday January 17 2012 and is available for download here. It is called oxygen-gtk3.

This release is still experimental, notably due to the small amount of GTK 3 applications it has been tested on. Still, since snapshots of the running git repository were already being circulated around for some time, we deemed it appropriate to release the current code, if only because it would make book-keeping and bug tracking easier. Also, we expect rapid progress as bug reports are being filled by users.

The result is already quite satisfactory, as illustrated on the screenshot below.

All the features of the GTK 2.x version have successfully been ported to the GTK 3.x version, and a large fraction of the code base is actually shared between the two. This includes:
  • grabbing windows from empty areas;
  • smooth animations on mouse hover and focus change
  • on fly update of the style appearance when the configuration is changed (via KDE's system settings, or oxygen-settings)

Bug reports should preferentially be filled on KDE's bug tracker, here, rather than on this blog, or on the kde-look web site. This ensures easier interactions with the reporting users.

Like for the GTK 2.x version, there will be one minor bug-fix release every month, and one major feature release every 6 month, more or less in sync with newest KDE release.

The third major release (v1.2.0) of the GTK 2.x port has also been released on the same day and is available for download here. The package name has been changed to oxygen-gtk2, to avoid confusion with the GTK 3.x version. It includes all the bug fixes that were applied to the 1.1 series, together with visual improvements that match the Qt version shipped by KDE 4.8.